Docs/Guides/Getting started

Getting started

Welcome to the Twofold documentation! This guide will help you setup your first RSC application.

Before setting up your application it's recommended you read Don't use Twofold.


You'll need to have Node.js (>=20.9.0) and PNPM (>=9.0.0) installed on your machine.


Run the following command to create a new Twofold application:

pnpm create twofold-app@latest

You'll be prompted to enter a name for your application.

Enter any name you'd like, for this guide we'll use the name: my-app.

pnpm create twofold-app@latest

  info      Welcome to the Twofold app generator!

  What is the name of your app?  my-app

  pending   Setting up a new Twofold app...
  complete  App created!
  pending   Installing dependencies. This may take a minute...
  complete  Dependencies installed!
  pending   Initializing git repository...
  complete  Git repository created!

  success   All set!

  info      App installed at: ./my-app/
  info      Run app: cd my-app && pnpm dev

Once the installer has finished it will create a new directory with the name of your application.

Move into the new directory:

cd my-app

And start the development server:

pnpm dev

That's it! Visit http://localhost:3000 to see your new application up and running!